Working through all the pieces of the Bridges model can be daunting. Luckily, one of the strengths of Bridges communities is sharing with one another! Communities have provided artifacts that they use in their Bridges initiatives. You don’t have to reinvent all of the wheels; some of that work has been done for you! Listen to an example of building a Bridges community, learn about data collection options, and see the forms others are using for Getting Ahead.

You too can be part of the sharing! If you have forms or articles that you would like to include, please send them via email and we will add them to this page.

Bridges Out of Poverty Model

Bridges Model Overview

Read more about the model: “Bridges Mental Model Shares Big Picture and Path to Policy Change

Topical Color Key

  • Bridges Out of Poverty – Blue
  • Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World – Purple
  • Workplace – Turquoise
  • Staying Ahead – Teal

Essential Background Information

Please read the following articles, which provide a clear but nuanced understanding of the core relationship we want to achieve.



Artifacts from aha! Process

Artifact from Hope Takes Action (McHenry, Illinois)

Artifact from Renew Life Center (Paterson, New Jersey)

Artifacts from The Glen at St. Joseph (Dayton, Ohio)

Artifacts from Cooperative Christian Ministries and Clinic (Hot Springs, Arkansas)

Artifacts from the Lucas County Family and Children First Council (Ohio)

Artifacts from the Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative of the Howard County Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency (Maryland)

Artifacts from Ending Poverty Now (Pima County, Arizona, Licensed GA Facilitator Trainer)

Artifacts from Howard County Multiservice Center (Maryland)

Artifact from HopeWorks (Howard County, Maryland)

Artifacts from Muskogee Bridges Out of Poverty (Oklahoma)

Artifacts from The Factory Ministries (Paradise, Pennsylvania)

Artifacts from the Dubuque Circles Initiative (Dubuque, Iowa)

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