Free Webinar Series

‘Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps’: Overcoming rural biases of low-income consumers

Melissa Martin, Wyoming Institute of Population Health

July 18, 2019, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Central

A common mentality in our rural/frontier state of Wyoming is that in order to overcome hardship (financial, mental, environmental, etc.), a person needs to simply “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” and “cowboy up.” Challenging this cultural attitude has required the Enroll Wyoming staff to persevere with patience and persistence. Modeling respect and educating on resources beyond finances, paradigm shifts have changed the perception of consumers living in poverty. Participants will learn how agencies in the state have moved from internal and institutional biases to treating consumers with respect for better health outcomes.


Before You Quit Teaching: Tools, Resources, and Hope for New Teachers in High-Poverty Classrooms

Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.

August 1, 2019, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Central

Teachers, especially new teachers, are often undervalued, underequipped, and unprepared for the reality of high-poverty classrooms. But before you quit, realize this: Not only can you survive, you can experience the joy and satisfaction you expected when you first decided to teach. Besides, your students need you. In this webinar, you’ll learn to understand the value you bring and the value you get as a teacher, avoid classroom and professional drama, self-assess against rubrics for expertise, deal with difficult principals and “manage up,” understand and plan for classroom procedures and testing schedules, and get your hope back.


How do I engage businesses in my Bridges initiative?

Ruth Weirich, author and consultant, aha! Process

August 15, 2019, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Central

Join this session to hear how Workplace Stability is used with business to create change for employers and employees. Ruth will share strategies on how to appeal to, attract, and collaborate with business to gain support for your larger Bridges initiative and community stability. Business leaders have key driving forces that are measured on a daily basis to make decisions for their businesses. As nonprofits, you must appeal to those driving forces to successfully collaborate with the private sector.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to approach the private sector using the key driving forces of executives (money, profits, margins, safety, technology, competition).
  • How the environment of daily instability negatively impacts the driving forces of business.
  • Strategies that address the class divide while positively impacting the bottom line and productivity of a business.


All aha! Process webinars are recorded and archived for your convenience. See the list of past webinar recordings here.