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Emotional overload? 10 approaches to calm to an unregulated student

Hilary Sloat

April 16, 2020

Out of ideas on how to address students who don’t have the full emotional scope to calm themselves down? Join Principal Hilary Sloat as she leads participants through 10 techniques to address students dealing with emotional poverty. You will leave this webinar with child-focused strategies that you can implement today. Learn how to equip staff members as they connect with students to identify their emotions and assist some of the most challenging students in your school.

Adjusting the volume: Addressing emotional noise in the classroom

DeShanna King

May 21, 2020

In classrooms, there are always more people and voices present than meet the eye. The visible 30 students, as well as the educator tasked with leading them, each bring in a host of invisible burdens: lost family members, financial poverty, incarceration, physical and emotional traumas, social and familial challenges, and cultural and personal biases. This phenomenon is known as “emotional noise,” and our approach to addressing it either increases the volume (escalating behavioral episodes) or decreases the volume (deescalating behavioral episodes). This webinar provides real-world examples and methods used to “adjust the volume” appropriately in the classroom and promote a strong classroom culture.

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