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Call for nominations: Honoring Bridges Community Award

July 19, 2018 Published by

The third annual Honoring Bridges Community Award committee is taking nominations! The selected site will be announced at the 2018 Addressing the Challenges of Poverty Conference. The selected community will receive $1,000 in free products from aha! Process and will be featured on the aha! Process website and in the newsletter. With...

Conservatives and liberals work together on poverty

July 17, 2018 Published by

Phil DeVol and Gene Krebs have been featured on multiple television shows recently in support of their book Bridges Across Every Divide. The book outlines how political progressives and conservatives alike can put aside their differences to work on policies that work for the poor. Check out their recent panel...

MLB All-Star relief pitcher attends R Rules graduation

July 9, 2018 Published by

When OhioGuidestone graduated 60 eighth-grade students from The R Rules, they had a major-league surprise lined up. Cleveland Indians pitcher Andrew Miller was present to answer questions and take photographs with the graduates. The R Rules is a process and curriculum to identify, access, build, and apply resources for success...

Podcast: Survival tips for principals

July 3, 2018 Published by

A good tool to use is the Karpman drama triangle. In the triangle, the same person can take on all three roles in different situations. In one setting the person is a bully, in another setting the person is a rescuer, and in another setting the person is a victim....

What is it like to get healthcare when you’re in poverty?

June 27, 2018 Published by

Bridges to Health and Healthcare coauthor Terie Dreussi-Smith has published an article in the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. The article was written with Barbara Wise and tells what it’s like when people from generational poverty visit healthcare providers. The article also uses the Bridges lens to...

Podcast: Getting Ahead for Total Worker Health

June 22, 2018 Published by

I wanted to introduce the concept of health equity in this webinar because I think this is a really important topic, and I think discussing poverty and discussing issues like structural racism, those things tend to lead to inequities and disparities that don’t allow for people to have equal opportunity...

MAMA program changes lives with Getting Ahead

June 19, 2018 Published by

Alisa Aponte’s life began its dramatic turnaround that day back in February 2017. That’s when her cousin told her about a class called “Getting Ahead” that would enable people living in poverty to start building knowledge and resources toward a better future. “This was my opportunity to do something for...

Emotional Poverty Book Cover

What educators need to know about Ruby Payne’s book ‘Emotional Poverty’

June 13, 2018 Published by

“If only they were motivated, if only they were not so angry, if only I felt safer.” School safety is now a primary concern for educators, who are increasingly frustrated by confrontations over students’ disruptive and unproductive behaviors. But information about the emotional sources of this behavior is lacking, as...

nfl photo

Former NFL player LaVar Glover continues work with Getting Ahead

June 11, 2018 Published by

LaVar Glover is the director of self-sufficiency for Community Action Partnership of the Greater Dayton Area in Ohio, and he is heading up Getting Ahead initiatives at that organization. In an article from, Glover says of his work, “Becoming the director of self-sufficiency was a great fit for me....