CharityTracker provides regular reports on Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World outcomes that are related to improvements in stability, resource development, and financial return on investment. The latest report covers time beginning on September 11, 2013, and ending on December 31, 2023.

Looking at the attached report makes me think of how much work went into measuring the changes in personal lives that these numbers represent:

  • Financial resources increased by 16%.
  • Motivation resources increased by 13%.
  • Housing stability improved by 23%.
  • Expenses were reduced by 25%.

These are a few of the amazing results that represent the hard work investigators are putting into creating stability.

The work begins with each Getting Ahead investigator completing a self-assessment of fifteen stability indicators in Module 2 and a self-assessment of eleven resources in Module 7. This has to be done at least two times; once during the Getting Ahead program, and a second time several months later.

In addition, some Bridges communities collect return-on-investment information for each investigator by measuring monthly income, decreased monthly and total debt, increased assets, and a decrease in the use of public benefits.

It is worth noting that this report covers the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, which lasted from late 2019 through mid-2022. Many Getting Ahead sites were forced to stop offering Getting Ahead. Others were able to quickly move to providing Getting Ahead virtually.

The work involved in collecting and reporting this data is just a small part of the effort that the numbers represent. We appreciate all the communities that contribute their results to make this data rich. Behind this are Getting Ahead graduates who, day by day and month by month, make concrete changes to increase stability in their lives and build resources.

This data allows you to compare your community with others across the country. It is also valuable to support your grant applications for continued growth and support in changing lives. We trust this information is helpful to the sites that have provided Getting Ahead and to communities that want to offer start offering Getting Ahead.

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