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aha! Process encompasses many programs and frameworks all aimed to equip educators and leaders to tackle poverty in our schools and communities.

Key programs include:

Dr. Ruby Payne

As a former high school teacher and principal, Dr. Ruby Payne understands the unique challenges facing schools and communities around the country. She shifted public conversation to consider the role poverty plays in many facets of American life and decided to teach others what she learned. Since founding aha! Process in 1996, Ruby has educated more than 100,000 professionals on economic class mindsets. She identifies problems, develops practical resources, and equips anyone and everyone who is ready to listen.

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Subscribe for the latest from Ruby and aha! Process.

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“Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re stuck because it has become a way of life…it’s normal! I was afraid to step outside the box, to become unstuck. There were untapped resources within the community that I hadn’t realized before. The Getting Ahead course helped me to realize that I wasn’t stuck and that there was hope for me.”


Lori Whaley, Getting Ahead Graduate and Board Member | St. Joseph (IN) Bridges Out of Poverty

“After I attended an aha! Process workshop in Denver in September, I brought my teacher leadership team to Houston for the Under-Resourced Learners Summit. We found many of the strategies we learned there to be so helpful that we have expanded their use beyond just students who are struggling. We now even use the student resource questions as part of our new-student registration materials, and then we match student needs with the resources that the teachers/advisors can support and deliver.”


Lyn Bair, Principal, Bridges High School | Carbondale, Colorado

“Investigations is a valuable tool and the ‘missing piece of the puzzle’ for postsecondary academia. Students will not only assess their lives outside the walls of the classroom, but they will now be able to see how life outside the classroom impacts life inside the classroom. They’ll learn to make plans for themselves using resources available within the college and the community.”


Gale D. Vaughn, Assistant Director of Admissions Ivy Tech Community College | South Bend, IN

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