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Bridges Out Of Poverty

Bridges Out Of Poverty Educates Wyoming Employers

October 23, 2014 Published by

About 20 employers from the northern Wyoming town of Sheridan participated in a recent Bridges Out Of Poverty workshop. This one-day workshop focused on how different employers can answer the financial needs and pressures of their employees. Presenters drew the distinction between situational and generational poverty, as well as the... View Article

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Mitigating Factors: Negative Neighborhoods and Student Learning

October 23, 2014 Published by

We can’t give up on students who are just struggling to survive. In a piece for the October edition of AMLE (Association for Middle Level Education) Magazine, Dr. Ruby Payne cites the relationship between negative neighborhood characteristics and poor student performance. Where some educators see pessimism, Dr. Payne sees positivity,... View Article


Announcing Charity Tracker!

October 17, 2014 Published by

Bridges communities across the nation have long been asking for evaluation tools to prove the success of Getting Ahead efforts to justify program continuation and expansion. Until now, the solutions we found were both highly complicated and expensive to implement. We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Simon... View Article

Bridges Out Of Poverty

Miami Bridges Out Of Poverty Organization Helps Those In Need

October 15, 2014 Published by

A new Bridges Out Of Poverty program in Miami, Florida will teach families how to access resources, tap into their own talents, and escape poverty. This 20-week, 10-person class will meet once a week to learn and share ideas and strategies for supporting oneself. This new program is inspired by the... View Article


Addressing the Challenges of Poverty Conference Recap

October 11, 2014 Published by

Is there a better way to begin a conference on poverty reduction than greeting 16 bike riders who trekked from Lancaster, PA to Nashville, TN, riding through wind, rain, fog and ultimately sunshine, to raise awareness? Chuck Holt, Executive Director of The Factory Ministries (a Bridges Out of Poverty community... View Article

Bridges Out Of Poverty

Bridges Out Of Poverty Awareness Events in East Texas

October 10, 2014 Published by

In the East Texas community of Tyler, Bridges Out Of Poverty and other local organizations are organizing a number of poverty awareness events in the coming weeks. A Cost of Poverty workshop including the class “Getting Ahead In a Just Getting By World” and other classes will take place on... View Article


Moffat County United Way Receives $50k Grant for Bridges Initiative!

October 6, 2014 Published by

We are pleased to announce that Moffat County United Way’s Community Impact Program has received a Daniels Fund grant of $50,000 for their Bridges Out of Poverty initiative! After Moffat County offered available national data and conducted research on existing Bridges communities, the Foundation was so impressed with the successes... View Article

Bridges Out Of Poverty

Bridges Out Of Poverty Educates Kansas College Students

October 3, 2014 Published by

At Fort Scott Community College in Fort Scott, Kansas, a recent Bridges Out Of Poverty workshop outlined the hidden rules and differences between lower, middle, and upper classes. The attendees broke into groups to discuss the question of “What is poverty?” Then, many explanations and assumptions brought up in this... View Article

Ruby Payne

Ruby Payne Teaches Ohio Community About Poverty

October 1, 2014 Published by

In Central Ohio’s Knox County, Ruby Payne spoke at a one-day Bridges Out Of Poverty educational workshop that attracted 150 members of the community. She gave an overview of how America historically and currently combats poverty, drew the distinction between situational and generational poverty, and described differences in attitudes and... View Article