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Ruby Payne

Ruby Payne Wins Golden Lamp Professional Development Award

August 12, 2014 Published by

The Golden Lamp Professional Development Award is the highest honor in educational books and materials, and it was recently awarded to Ruby Payne’s book A Framework For Understanding Poverty: A Cognitive Approach, 5th Edition. Ruby Payne was grateful for this honor from the American Association of Publishers in the category of Professional... View Article

Ruby Payne

Ruby Payne Book Helps DC Families Out Of Poverty

August 10, 2014 Published by

Faith congregations all around Washington, DC are helping individual families pave paths out of poverty, with the help of Ruby Payne’s ideas and training. Using her book “A Framework For Understanding Poverty,” city officials are training churches, synagogues, and mosques on the hidden rules of social class so that they... View Article

Bridges Out Of Poverty

Montana Community Hosts Bridges Out Of Poverty Workshops

August 7, 2014 Published by

A recent Bridges Out Of Poverty workshop in north-central Havre, Montana taught attendees about causes, customs, and approaches to poverty. The two-day workshop was directed by Bridges Out Of Poverty co-author Terie Dreussi-Smith, who presents close to 100 of these workshops per year. The program was paid for by a grant... View Article

Bridges Out Of Poverty

Bridges Out Of Povery Comes to Impoverished Virginia Town

August 1, 2014 Published by

Over a quarter of Lynchburg, Virginia’s population lives in poverty, which is why they are starting a local Bridges Out Of Poverty program. They chose Bridges Out Of Poverty because of the work it’s done all over the nation and the holistic approach that it offers, which few other programs... View Article


Bridges & Getting Ahead Initiatives at Upper Valley Haven (VT)

August 1, 2014 Published by

In this blog entry, Renee Weeks, Director of Shelter & Clinical Services at Upper Valley Haven (VT), shares detailed results of her organization’s Bridges and Getting Ahead initiatives. The Upper Valley community straddles the Connecticut River in northern New England, encompassing approximately 45 small towns in Vermont and New Hampshire.... View Article

Bridges Out Of Poverty

Bridges Out Of Poverty Program at Oklahoma Churches

July 30, 2014 Published by

Three churches in Claremore, Oklahoma have teamed up to host a Bridges Out Of Poverty program called Getting Ahead in a Just Getting By World. The program will be held once a week for 16 weeks, and its fifteen slots are filled by people living in poverty and ready to... View Article

Bridges Out Of Poverty

Bridges Out Of Poverty in Western Australia Community

July 25, 2014 Published by

Bridges Out Of Poverty and Dr. Ruby Payne have brought their poverty-fighting program to Australia, and while they’ve made great progress educating people in the east, now the Western Australia province is beginning to catch up. The most recent program in Murandah, Western Australia had over 750 local educators, teaching... View Article

Bridges Out Of Poverty

Bridges Out Of Poverty Helps Western Texas Community

July 21, 2014 Published by

Prudence Pease pulled her own family out of poverty. Now, partnered with Bridges Out Of Poverty, she travels the country helping others do the same, as she recently did in Odessa, West Texas. Particularly, she helps businesses and organizations reach out to people in poverty better, training them to understand... View Article