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The Motivation Puzzle

April 23, 2014 Published by

By Bethanie Tucker Our students are, in many ways, like puzzles. Almost all are born with the “pieces” needed to sustain lifelong motivational tendencies. Many grow up in environments that enhance these tendencies. The puzzle pieces are fitted together by supportive people and circumstances.   Others, however, spend their childhood... View Article


Community Health Clinic – Bridges Success Story

April 14, 2014 Published by

By Debora McDermed, Ph.D A Nevada local health clinic is currently a partner to the Bridges initiative, and the following story is a work in progress with changing the culture and outcomes in delivering health care. As with many health care providers, the challenge of no-shows and late appointments was... View Article


Ruby Payne Urges Community Leaders to Tackle Poverty

April 3, 2014 Published by

National poverty expert and author Ruby Payne blended stories about her family and experiences as a teacher to motivate more than 250 people today to tackle poverty in the community. More than 300 community and business leaders, educators, and social service professionals attended two workshops at the United Way of... View Article

Forgotten Rainbow

April 1, 2014 Published by

The Wizard of Oz was always a favorite of mine as a kid, and, to this day, I see similarities in my own story. I always felt that my life before the trip down the yellow brick road into poverty was so “perfect.” I feel like the tornado hit my... View Article

Developing Bridges Training for Higher Education Faculty and Staff

March 24, 2014 Published by

Interested in implementing Bridges constructs, including Investigations into Economic Class in America, for faculty, staff, and students in higher education? If yes, don’t miss this opportunity! Barbara Ashley, a Sociology Professor and Professional Development Coordinator at Jefferson Community and Technical College, and Sheree Williams, a Jefferson Professor and Librarian, joined us for a free webinar... View Article


Building Michigan Communities Conference

March 21, 2014 Published by

Planning to attend the 2014 Building Michigan Communities Conference? Join Lynn Jackson (Bridges Out of Poverty Engagement Manager) and me at our exhibit space at the conference! The event, held April 28th through April 30th, 2014 at the Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan, presents a great opportunity for you to... View Article

Paths Out of Poverty in Huntington County, Indiana

March 11, 2014 Published by

Karen Hinshaw, a Health and Human Sciences Educator for Purdue Extension in Huntington County, Indiana, is using “Bridges” constructs to enact sustainable change in her community. Purdue recently outlined her efforts in the quarterly release of its Agricultures Magazine. Hinshaw sites the teachings of Dr. Ruby Payne, co-author of Bridges... View Article