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How Independent Publishers Craft and Refine Mission

August 21, 2015 Published by

Our friends at the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) were kind enough to include us in a great piece on how independent publishers craft and refine their missions. “The process of crafting and refining a mission begins with understanding what the term mission means within the context of your publishing venture.” Deb Vanasse continues, “Ruby...


Breaking the cycle of poverty: What can teachers do? (Part I)

August 13, 2015 Published by

Poverty exists in all countries around the world, but in the richest country on earth, why is there so little progress in breaking the cycle? Most people agree that education is the primary route out of poverty, but standardized test scores show too many students are failing in our schools....

Ruby Payne

Do misunderstandings occur during meetings with parents?

July 29, 2015 Published by

@rubyKpayne Conversation: High School History Teacher: “I am calling about your son. He’s having difficulty in my class. He refuses to do his homework, doesn’t listen, and is generally non-cooperative.” Parent: “Oh yeah, you’re that teacher he doesn’t like.” And the parent hung up. So what happened here? Several things—wrong...


First we must sell our helicopters

June 8, 2015 Published by

Guest blogger, Gene Krebs, is a Senior Fellow at The Center for Community Solutions and a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Gene is currently working with The Center for Community Solutions on a series of video interviews of thought leaders and youthful entrepreneurs. Follow Gene on Twitter @GO_GeneK. Let me...


Will #hashtags eliminate poverty? 

May 28, 2015 Published by

@RuthWeirich Possible? Have you joined the 232 million plus active users using Twitter to get their messages across? There are literally millions using this platform as a voice for expressing their interests, passions and desires. Will you join with us in drawing attention to #inequality and #PovertyAwareness, #diversity, the #homeless, #lowincomefamilies, #lowwage employees, and...

Boys in Crisis 4th Ed-front

Empowering boys in an age of crisis

May 21, 2015 Published by

An updated edition of Dr. Paul D. Slocumb’s Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis explores familial, social, and media influences on an increasingly embattled population—boys. The majority of mass killings in the United States are committed by men, and almost every mass shooting at a school has been committed by...


Saving the world on a shoestring budget

May 14, 2015 Published by

@RebeccaYount A single mom can’t feed, clothe or shelter her children on a minimum wage job. A rehabilitated prisoner can’t make ends meet on a part-time job, nor can a line cook provide for his family on an unfair wage. So why do nonprofits think they can change the world...

Ruby Payne

Mother’s Day – What does it mean to me?

May 10, 2015 Published by

I always think of Mother’s Day in two ways: the role model that my mother gave to me about being a “mother,” and the ways I have been a mother to my own son. For me, mothering has been one of my greatest joys and one of my greatest terrors....


How does poverty influence the Baltimore situation?

April 30, 2015 Published by

Skin color is always what is noticed first. It is among the easiest things to identify; thus, it is always a factor. But underneath skin color is also gender and class. Baltimore is no exception. True community is always about belonging and safety. When you feel you have neither, then...