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A path to hope: Critical teacher actions that transformed a school

January 16, 2017 Published by

In this series a Title I school principal takes you through his school’s journey to gaining (and maintaining) state accreditation. And—more importantly—building a foundation of hope in the hearts and minds of his students from poverty. What made the difference? The teachers—who they were and what they did differently and...

Getting Ahead Just Set

Certification process for the Getting Ahead series

December 24, 2016 Published by

The Getting Ahead body of works has matured! Beginning in 2017 Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World will become a certified facilitator training. This training will join Getting Ahead While Getting Out and Getting Ahead in the Workplace as a certified facilitator training. What does this mean? Beginning in 2017...

Call for presenters: Addressing the Challenges of Poverty 2017

December 22, 2016 Published by

Are you ready to submit your proposal to present at Addressing the Challenges of Poverty? aha! Process is now accepting proposals for presentations for the 2017 conference scheduled for September 24–26 at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark in Missouri. You can also take advantage of early bird pricing by...

A tribute to aha! Process consultant Shelley Rex

December 19, 2016 Published by

Shelley Rex began as a consultant and academic coach with aha! Process in 2003. A passionate educator and innovative administrator, you can read more about Shelley on her official aha! Process bio page. She is already missed. Remembrances Ruby Payne: Shelley was an extraordinary human being, an excellent consultant and...

Newest poverty statistics available now

December 18, 2016 Published by

When new poverty statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau become available, aha! Process compiles the relevant data in easy-to-use formats. Highlights in this year’s update include reductions in the numbers of U.S. children under age 5 living in extreme poverty, poverty, and near poverty. This applies to those living with...

Morning Conversations: Volunteering to fight food insecurity

December 14, 2016 Published by

Several weeks ago the Bucks County Opportunity Council, the anti-poverty organization in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and the Hunger Nutrition Coalition sponsored a Morning Conversation titled “White Bread, It’s What’s for Dinner.” Morning Conversations are a means for community members who have participated in Bridges training to continue the conversations about...

Former Bridges trainer at TEDMED: I reduced Utah homelessness by 91%

December 11, 2016 Published by

Lloyd Pendleton, a former Bridges Out of Poverty certified trainer, gave a talk at TEDMED earlier this month. In his presentation, Pendleton detailed his journey from failing to understand homelessness to reducing homelessness in Utah by 91%. From Christina Farr’s original article at Lloyd Pendleton grew up on a ranch in rural Utah, an upbringing that taught him values...

Gary Rudick

Tactical Communication: Law enforcement and beyond

December 9, 2016 Published by

Question: Does anyone know how you stay married for 37 years? Answer: Give her whatever she wants. And that is pretty much how I came to my aha! moment. My wife, Donna, was scheduled to attend a seminar on A Framework for Understanding Poverty in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Dr. Ruby...