Our Model

aha! Process will open your eyes to the challenges of poverty around you and equip you with the resources to cultivate sustainable success in your school or community. Designed with educators, nonprofits, healthcare institutions, and community organizations, aha! Process is a family of solutions tackling the problems of poverty across all community sectors.  

Dr. Ruby Payne and her trusted network of certified consultants are committed to guide you through aha! Process programs, leading you toward hope, resources, and a future story.

Begin by reading Ruby’s foundational works, A Framework for Understanding Poverty or Bridges Out of Poverty, to understand root causes of economic class differences.

Whether you’re an educator, social worker, or anyone else who works with people from poverty, aha! Process methods can help you exercise more empathy in your work. Attend a training event or online workshop for a deeper understanding of those who are different from you in your classrooms and communities.

Put your new knowledge to work and apply aha! Process tools and resources to your specific profession. Explore our various workshop options and dive into our library of books and curricula. Find your framework!

Join the aha! Process community of educators and leaders who are passionate about cultivating sustainable success in all sectors of communities. You’re not alone in tackling the challenges of poverty. Send us your success story.

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