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CharityTracker year-end Getting Ahead graduate report 2017

February 26, 2018 Published by

Thanks to the many Getting Ahead facilitators and graduates who contributed to this report. Inputting the data is a massive amount of work! Some observations: The number of graduates in the database, now at 569, is growing impressively. We trust that the number of days between assessments will grow; it...

Rich instruction: Informational text strategies – Cognitive Level 1 video

February 21, 2018 Published by

The first level we’re going to talk about in testing is what I call Cognitive Level 1. In other words, it’s the way we’ve always traditionally taught. “What did the text say?” Basic comprehension. Well, when you teach this to students, one of the things that’s critical, particularly in informational...


Why attend our Addressing the Challenges of Poverty national conference?

February 19, 2018 Published by

@ljacksonahaproc Because this conference looks at reducing poverty in your communities through the lens of economic class. Because, it uses the core constructs and strategies of Bridges Out of Poverty, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Understanding and Engaging Under-Resourced College Students, Getting Ahead and other core products in the strategy....

Podcast: Developing student expertise

February 16, 2018 Published by

What we’re going to look at today is this whole issue around how you get growth out of students, actually, and in the process of growth, how do you get expertise? And particularly at the secondary and college level, how do you begin? A gentleman I know who’s a businessman...

Krebs proposes fund to aid rural towns, fight opioid epidemic

February 14, 2018 Published by

Gene Krebs spent eight years in the Ohio House of Representatives, three years on a local school board, and four years as a county commissioner. Now he’s proposed a state fund that would aid rural communities and help battle opioid addiction in Ohio. Krebs has been a research executive in an...

The road to responsibility: Teaching responsibility skills

February 12, 2018 Published by

Last month I reported the alarming number of out-of-school suspensions across the U.S. and outlined three issues that contribute to students from poverty being suspended. I would now like to outline two practical (and interrelated) approaches I used as a principal, school counselor, and teacher in three different schools. Using...