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From homeless to hopeful

June 7, 2018 Published by

This is why we do the work we do. I recently received the following letter from Barb Stanley in Pennsylvania: Dear Ruth: I have to share the great news that my “homeless” friend, Scott, is now in his third week of work at McDonald’s. I am beyond excited! He called me...

Podcast: Research-Based Strategies – The achievement gap can be closed

May 25, 2018 Published by

Today’s podcast is about the book titled Research-Based Strategies. This book follows and supports the work of Dr. Ruby Payne and her seminal work, A Framework for Understanding Poverty. Some of you are probably familiar with Dr. Payne’s first edition of Research-Based Strategies, the original edition of what we will...

house on a cliff edge

Examining, understanding, and mitigating the benefits cliff effect

May 21, 2018 Published by

Ever since President Lyndon Johnson launched a set of domestic programs aimed at ending poverty and racial injustice, as a nation we have tried to reduce (if not eliminate) poverty, homelessness, and disenfranchisement. Those domestic programs range from the Food Stamp Act of 1964, the Social Security Amendments of 1965...

Audiobook excerpt: From Understanding Poverty to Developing Human Capacity

May 18, 2018 Published by

Students from families with little formal education often learn rules about how to speak, behave, and acquire knowledge that conflict with how learning happens in school. They also often come to school with less background knowledge and fewer family supports. Formal schooling, therefore, may present challenges to students living in...

Bridges Across Every Divide: Background and facts

May 16, 2018 Published by

Philip E. DeVol and Eugene K. Krebs We have written a new book titled Bridges Across Every Divide: Policy and Practices to Reduce Poverty and Build Communities. Getting ahead is hard to do Poverty percentages have essentially stayed the same since the early 1970s. The middle class is declining. The...

Are you ALICE? Do you work hard, but struggle?

May 14, 2018 Published by

Do you make too much to qualify for public assistance, but still struggle to pay bills? Understanding ALICE United Way is looking at the asset limited, income constrained, employed (ALICE) population. By identifying the situations and needs of those who don’t have access to public assistance, programs can be created...