Past aha! Process Webinars

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10/23/2017    From a 30,000-Foot View: Building a Bridges Community (Gina Elias, Phil Poston)
10/19/2017    Bridges Communities Can Take Their Use of Data up by Three Notches (Dan Quigg)
10/05/2017    When You Are Trying to Get out of Poverty, Where You Live Matters! (John Begala)
09/21/2017    Developing Student Expertise (Ruby Payne)
09/07/2017    Workplace Stability, ERNs, and Small Dollar Loans  (James Vander Hulst, Ruth Weirich)
08/17/2017    Rural Strategies for Implementing the Resource Builder Model (Kay Balcer)
08/03/2017    6 Basics of School Improvement, Particularly for High-Poverty Schools (Ruby Payne)
07/20/2017    Shaped but Not Defined: Develop Emotional Resources for Getting Ahead Graduates
06/15/2017    Staying Ahead – Making the Future Relevant Today! (Sonia Holycross and Jessica Echols)
06/01/2017    Bridges Out of Poverty: An Introduction (Terie Dreussi-Smith)
05/18/2017    Changing Albany, New York, Using the Bridges Out of Poverty Model (Pedro Perez)
05/04/2017    Boys in Crisis: Why It Matters and What You Can Do About It (Jim Littlejon)
04/20/2017    Schenectady Bridges Works Toward Long-Term Community Change (Mike Saccocio)
04/06/2017    From Getting Ahead to Staying Ahead (Quinton Askew)
03/16/2017    PACK2PACK – Donated Items Find Homes with NCSU Low-Income Students (Panel)
03/02/2017    Essential Leadership Qualities of the Successful Collaborator (Tim Rogers, Erik Orndorff)
02/16/2017    Getting Ahead: National Results and Reports (Phil DeVol & Kyle Minkler)
02/02/2017    Rethinking Retention: Elevating College Retention Rates (Bethanie Tucker, Ed.D.)
01/19/2017    TrueConnect: The Employee Loan Benefit Program (Doug Farry and Phil DeVol)
01/05/2017    Poverty, and its Impact on Mental Health (Gary Eagleton and Angelina Hudson)
12/01/2016    A Framework for Understanding Poverty: 10 Actions to Educate Students (Ruby K. Payne)
11/17/2016    Ending Poverty as an Economic Development Goal (Bonnie Bazata)
10/06/2016    Is Your Church Helpless in the Face of Poverty? (Lucy Shaw)
09/15/2016    Bridges Out of Poverty Mental Model (Lynn Jackson and Phil DeVol)
09/01/2016    Building Relationships of Mutual Respect (Dr. Regina Lewis and Bart Givens)
08/18/2016    Communication, Connections, and Collaboration (Heidi Jones)
08/04/2016    Workplace Stability (Ruth Weirich)
07/21/2016    Bridges Out of Poverty and the Faith Community (Mike Dames)
06/16/2016    Assessing Getting Ahead (Quinn Schipper, Joey Yarber, Kyle Minkler)
06/02/2016    Mindset, Motivation, and the Argument for Change (Jim Ott)
05/20/2016    Addressing Neighborhood Effects (Ruby Payne)
05/19/2016    I’m Fine, Leave Me Alone – Unraveling Male Emotion (Jim Littlejohn)
05/05/2016    Why Won’t my Hispanic Students Speak English? (Ruben Perez)
04/07/2016    Motivation CAN Be Enhanced (Bethanie Tucker)
03/17/2016    Bridges to Philanthropy (Prudence Pease)
03/03/2016    Getting Ahead for Total Worker Health (Panel)
02/18/2016    Moving from a Bridges Committee to a Bridges Movement (Chuck Holt)
02/04/2016    Tactical Communications (Gary Rudick)
01/21/2016    Mindset, Motivation, & Argument for Change (Jim Ott Webinar)
12/03/2015    Break the Chains, Build a Bridge (Elain Ellerbe)
11/19/2015    Using Bridges Out of Poverty with Latino Populations
11/05/2015    Results of a National Getting Ahead Study Phil DeVol Dr. Beth Wahler
09/03/2015    House Bill 64: New Legislation in Ohio Advances Bridges Out of Poverty
07/30/2015    Finding Talent, Growing Profits: Employee Retention and performance
07/21/2015    Buffering Neighborhood Effects Ruby Payne
06/25/2015    Investigations meets Achieving the Dream Carol L Nichols
06/11/2015    Bridges to Health: Tracking Client Results with MPOWR
05/21/2015    Creatively Using “R Rules” Outside of the Public School Setting
04/30/2015    Bridges into Health Terie Dreussi Smith
03/26/2015    Partnerships That Matter: Higher Ed and Local School Districts Nancy Varian
03/19/2015    Introduction to the Getting Out Re-entry Model
02/19/2015    How much of Yourself do you Own Dr. Emilia O’Neill
01/29/2015    Build versus Bring: Exploring New Options with Food Banks Cherie Jamason
10/29/2014    Story of a Statewide Initiative Debora McDermed
09/11/2014    12 Thinking Tools for Bridges Out of Poverty Initiatives Phil DeVol
08/08/2014    Justice for All
07/24/2014    Building Community Support for Superintendents Ruby Payne
07/23/2014    Survival Tips for Principals Ruby Payne
07/10/2014    Bridges to Health and Healthcare Terie Dreussi Smith


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