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Listen to comments from Getting Ahead graduates and facilitators about the value and effectiveness of Getting Ahead, hear Phil DeVol’s comments on the Facilitator Notes for Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World, and find other information you can use at the video links below:

  • Reno, NV Getting Ahead group shares a video of their Mental Model of Poverty: A recent Getting Ahead group of young adults really wanted to capture and show people what poverty in our community looks like. They didn’t feel that a mental model was enough to capture the REAL story. They started by arranging a planning meeting. We met at a local McDonalds and discussed what would be needed to do this. They picked a Saturday so everyone could be included. We all broke up into groups, went out into our community and started taking pictures of everything we had identified on our mental model. They then came back and turned those pictures into a video. The end result was something each and every one of them could confidently say “this truly shows what poverty looks like in our community and our leaders of our community need to see it.”
  • Corpus Christi, Texas graduates from the 5th Getting Ahead class:
  • April Long talks about the role of a facilitator, the value of discussions, and outcomes from her first GA group.
  • April Long, Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, talks about motivation, relationships, and accountability in her GA group.
  • Ermina Solar , Dubuque, IA, talks about the value of Getting Ahead. Ermina is both a Getting Ahead graduate and a facilitator.

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