What better way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week than with some quick and effective professional development tips? The video below shares test-taking strategies that work with students in all demographics.

Informational text strategies for under-resourced students: Cognitive Level 3

Here are some more test-taking strategies students can use with informational text. Cognitive Level 3 is when the test question asks the student to identify specific tools.

For example, one of the questions they might ask in poetry, which is literary text, is: “What is the rhyme and meter the author used?” There are specific tools.

Well, when we get to informative text, there are several tools that are rarely taught that actually show up in the standards. One of them has to do with fallacious reasoning, one of them has to do with levels of argument, and one has to do with the clarity of the argument.

What I’d like to show you now are some tools for each of these. What you have on the screen in front of you are different kinds of fallacious reasoning…

Watch the video for more.