This workshop focuses on using tiered interventions and instruction in response to economic differences and a range of family resources.

Length: Six hours

Training Prerequisites: none

Contact: (800) 424-9484 |

The systematic strategies demonstrated in the workshop illuminate our understanding, support diagnosis, and require minimal if any additional classroom instructional time.

Participants will learn about giving and understanding tiered instructions, tiered interventions for language literacy, interventions for conceptual frames for long-term memory, tiered interventions for mathematical literacy, and negotiating school environments. Topics to be covered included patterns of thinking, mediation, input skills, mental models, planning, future stories, negotiation, and more.

The three questions below support our understanding of effective tiered instruction, guiding educators to effectively differentiate instruction for all students, including under-resourced students.

Q: Where does tiered instruction begin?

A: With resource analysis

Q: How are the needs of students from poverty addressed?

A: With survival environment interventions

Q: What creates patterns of thinking that direct tiered instruction?

A: The relationship between time and who/what you know