Fast and fun are adjectives that describe the type of strategies that were (are?) needed to counter the emotional and academic challenges imposed on students and teachers by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fast and fun are also the most frequently used descriptors of Tucker Signing Strategies—fast because the strategy is multimodal and reflects brain research, and fun because the 44 hand signs, just like other forms of sign language, are naturally engaging and provide immediate proof of progress.

Blending Tucker signs to read words that only moments prior were unfamiliar is empowering and motivational for readers of all ages.

Often, individual teachers implement Tucker Signing Strategies independently after simply studying the manual. Attending a Tucker Signing Strategies workshop offers the added benefits of group practice, Q&A opportunities, and tips reflecting 25 years of experience by the author of the strategy.

Teachers walk away from Tucker Signing Strategies workshops ready to use the strategy the very next day, confident that it will make a positive difference for beginning or older students, students with exceptionalities, and those who are ready for just enough scaffolding to learn to read independently.

As stated by reporters for the Nation’s Report Card, the “pandemic has smacked American students back to the last century in math and reading achievement.” Our only viable option in our quest to accelerate students’ progress and restore emotional wellness is to identify and implement strategies that are fast and fun. Tucker Signing Strategies is a good place to start!