I wanted to talk about today’s topic. I know it can be politically loaded. And what I would like to do is take the political thread out of it in order to better serve students. Which is often the case, when we take out some of the elements of anything that’s a controversial issue in our society, it becomes difficult to talk about. And so I purposely said that these are some of the sensitive issues, so that’s what we’re going to discuss! And so I would like for your to feel free to ask any questions you would like, and address anything, and we can certainly talk beyond this webinar as well. I started a blog series on ahaprocess.com, “How Do I Get My Immigrant Students to Want to Speak English?” if you want to continue that chat.

The focus of this webinar is for students who are struggling or refusing to speak English (because it could be either/or), and students and staff that struggle with cultural practices and misinformation. Sometimes when we have students who are struggling with English, we default to cultural reasons, and there is never a good reason for a student to not advance academically. There’s never a good reason to say that a student shouldn’t do something if it is something to help them…

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Rubén G. Perez has been in education since 1988. Throughout his career he has worked with students in grades K–12. His background includes general education, English language learners, curriculum development, dropout prevention, academic outreach in Section 8 housing, behavioral interventions, and organizing summits on race relations.