About Ruben Perez

Rubén G. Perez has been in education since 1988. His firsthand experience with students considered at-risk (school dependent) comes from various positions. In K–8 he taught general education, English language learners, and preforming arts. As a district administrator for K–12, he focused on closing the achievement gap, teacher retention, economic and cultural diversity, and districtwide dropout interventions. He specialized in working with students who felt disenfranchised with school and the community around them. He is well familiar with effective techniques that work with students who are predisposed to tantrums and apathy. Perez was the director and supervisor of an off-campus tutoring program for a Section 8 apartment complex where he wrote curriculum and managed both teachers and students. He also served as an advisor on professional development, economic/cultural diversity, classroom management, gender differences, forming school culture/climate, and he served on a board for various in-district and out-of-district committees. As a behavioral specialist, Perez helped open a Title I elementary school, organized an annual parent symposium, conducted/supervised home visits with parents, and mentored individual students. Perez is the creator of Welcome to U.S. Schools: A Guide for Spanish-Speaking Immigrant Parents. This video is in Spanish with English subtitles targeting Spanish-speaking parents.
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