This is the first in a series of monthly blogs highlighting tips and tools from Pinterest that can make your life as a teacher easier.  All of the links will be here in the blog as well as on our Pinterest page:  Look for the “As seen on blog” board to pin these great ideas to your own Pinterest boards.

This month’s blog focuses on Classroom Organization.  We all know that an organized classroom is better for both the teacher and student, but the task of actually organizing the classroom can be overwhelming.   Check out some of these easy organizing tips to make your day a little easier.

New Student Packets

As you prepare you classroom for the new school year, create extra copies of everything you will need for a new student and store in a gallon-sized Ziplock bag.  When you have a new student arrive in your classroom, you will be able to focus on that student and not be worried about finding all of the necessary paperwork and supplies.

Teacher Binder

Keep all of your important information together in one place.  This pin has a link to several free downloads that you can use to organize your binder.

You’ve Got Mail Crate

This is a great way to streamline your process for returning papers to students.  As papers are graded and ready to be returned they are filed in the student’s folder.  This is a way to give your students more responsibility while keeping stacks of graded papers off of your desk.  It also provides a way for you to distribute papers to students who are absent.

Check out these pins for detailed pictures and ideas on organizing your classroom.

What are your best tips for classroom organization?  Share a link to your favorite tip in the comments.