Bridges ICT - Wichita, KSWhat do you get when a Getting Ahead facilitator states that Staying Ahead resources are a must for graduates and that resourced individuals need to be educated about different economic environments? You get a small group of like-minded individuals wanting to bring change in their community.

I’ve been blessed to be working with visionaries here in my home community that want to put together a comprehensive plan to educate the community about living in different economic environments and provide Getting Ahead classes in the 10 poorest zip codes in the city. The mission statement and the vision statement have been written, the five-year plan is done, and Bridges ICT is being birthed. The name comes from ICT being the airport letters in Wichita, Kansas. It has also morphed into “In Community Together.”

I invite you to follow our story. After countless meetings, discussions, and planning, the official kickoff events will be held on Thursday, November 2, and Friday, November 3, 2023. Mike Saccocio, a national consultant with aha! Process, will lead a discussion about what being a Bridges Out of Poverty community means. He will speak to city officials, business owners, and different sector leaders. The next day, Treasure McKenzie, another aha! Process national consultant, will provide a full Bridges Out of Poverty workshop. We look forward to following up with participants to learn how they want to be a part of the initiative.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks. I’m looking forward to updating you in December.