Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D as photographed by Geof Kern, Copyright 2007Over the course of our company’s history there have been countless articles and related stories regarding aha! Process and educating others on the effects of class and poverty in our society. Most lift up and celebrate our work and the lives transformed, while a handful challenge some of our thinking. And once in a while there is a story that is so balanced, so credible, and so compelling that we know it must be shared with those who are committed to transforming lives. Please take a moment to read the Sunday, June 10 edition of The New York Times Magazine. You may naturally want to share your reaction to what Paul Tough has written, but we also hope you are willing to provide more than that in the way of a discussion with those committed to “positively impacting the education and lives of individuals in poverty around the world.”

Read the article now, entitled The Class-Consciousness Raiser at The New York Times.  We look forward to your comments and hope you choose to stop by the aha! Process blog for a daily dose of aha! moments. 

Donna Magee, Ed.D

Vice President, Research and Development


Donna has been a professional educator since 1980. She has served as a high school teacher, high school assistant principal, middle school principal, central office administrator, and consultant. Her experience in leading a “mentor” school campus in order to assist other schools in improvement and school reform led to her work with aha! Process in 1997.