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Using What We Know in the Classroom

October 17, 2012 Published by

When I was working on my dissertation in 2004-05, I conducted that literature review that everyone who has been through a doctoral program loves to do. Mine focused on k-12 professional development, and one thing that stuck in my mind was from Dennis Sparks’ research: that as educators we often…

Addressing the Challenges of Poverty 2012

August 17, 2012 Published by

Donna Magee Have you heard about the big event happening October 1-2 in Indianapolis? Well, you are invited! This event is unique in that it brings teachers and administrators from K-12, college faculty and staff, as well as people from businesses, social services, individuals, churches, health care providers, and more…

Framework Revisions in Action

July 9, 2012 Published by

If you missed the trainer certification that we held at Disney World a couple of weeks ago, you missed out on not only a fun time but incredible training! Our participants continue to be so pleased with the format of the training that allows them to meet in smaller groups…

Educational Impact–Research Supports the Efficacy of aha! Process’s Work

February 2, 2012 Published by

When the U.S. Deparment of Education introduced the i3 (Investment in Innovation) grant program, there was a shift in the research expectations and terminology related to professional development providers.

Ivy Tech Hosts Trainer Certification for Postsecondary Educators

March 8, 2011 Published by

Last week I had the privilege of participating in the first trainer certification for postsecondary educators. The training was hosted by Ivy Tech Community Colleges of Indiana and was led by Bethanie Tucker, Karla Krodel, and Philip DeVol, consultants for aha! Process. While the training focused primarily on Understanding and…

British teachers’ interest in aha! Process culminates in U.S. visit

March 2, 2010 Published by

Last month I shared with you that aha! Process would be hosting a group of educators from the United Kingdom, specifically Reading, England, who had been selected to come to Texas to observe the American education system and some of our best practices, including aha! Process strategies and work. What…

Across the Atlantic

January 18, 2010 Published by

Over the past several months, I have been working with contacts from the United Kingdom to host a group of teachers who have been selected to come to the States to visit American schools. The purpose of their visit is to learn more about Dr. Ruby Payne ’s work, as…

New students in a new economy: How to identify disengagement by building mutual respect

September 3, 2009 Published by

As most students have headed back to the classroom or soon will be arriving, I am wondering how much has changed over the summer for many of these students. Do their parents still have jobs? Were there significant changes in the family structure that have impacted their lives? How many…

Ruby Payne visits Menominee Indian Nation

June 10, 2009 Published by

Last week I had the privilege of visiting the Menominee Indian Nation with Dr. Ruby Payne. Many of you know that aha! Process has been working with educators in the Menominee Indian School District, a Wisconsin public school district, and community agencies in the past several years. In fact, they…

Kepner Middle School–Student Achievement on the Rise

January 16, 2009 Published by

By Donna Magee Across our nation there are countless numbers of schools that the term “under-resourced” aptly describes. Kepner Middle School in Denver Public Schools (DPS) probably fits the definition as well as most. With a population of nearly 1,000 students (making it the largest middle school in DPS), 90%…