If you missed the trainer certification that we held at Disney World a couple of weeks ago, you missed out on not only a fun time but incredible training! Our participants continue to be so pleased with the format of the training that allows them to meet in smaller groups for about half of the training time. These smaller breakout sessions allow for more interaction and dialogue with some of our most outstanding consultants! In addition, they get to train with Ruby Payne in the larger sessions.

What was most exciting was rolling out the revised Framework workshop. The workshop has been redesigned around 10 action items teachers can use when working with their students. While the same theoretical constructs undergird the actions, the format provides a much more concrete, tangible approach that will enhance implementation of the strategies themselves.

Evaluations are coming in as I write this, and they are overwhelmingly positive about these changes. Check our website for the descriptor of this revised workshop! Two other significant changes were introduced at the training: lifetime certification and a trainer loyalty program. Of the 120 participants, almost two thirds of them took advantage of the lifetime certificate. The loyalty program provides free shipping and a rebate on purchase of proprietary materials when training A Framework for Understanding Poverty or Research-Based Strategies.

The hotel was great, food was good, but the networking and learning were fabulous! We hope you’ll join us in Houston in December if you missed this opportunity. And who knows, perhaps we will return to Disney again soon!