Getting Ahead in the Workplace with Facilitator Notes

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  • Author: Philip E. DeVol

Getting Ahead in the Workplace is a workbook of 15 facilitated sessions to help under-resourced people build resources and gain control over their future stories, for a better life at home and at work.

Participants create their own success by investigating:

– The realities of conditions at home/work/community and how they impact stability
– The “hidden rules” and special language of getting ahead in the workplace
– How to build resources and relationships that open doors and help keep them open
– Practical skills for dealing with change and creating stability at work and at home
– The power of intentionally creating and following a new future story plan

The updated and revised edition of Facilitator Notes for Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World reflects the evolution of great ideas supported by a learning experience that truly works for people who are struggling to get by in these tough times. Getting Ahead represents the cutting edge of knowledge, techniques, and support—and the very best chance to help struggling employees achieve a better quality of life.

Success tip: If you have not taken our facilitator training for Getting Ahead, we offer live and online trainings using the Facilitator Notes. To learn more about the training process, click here.