Emotional Poverty Volume 2: Safer Students and Less-Stressed Teachers


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This book is a follow-up to Emotional Poverty in All Demographics. That book examined the unregulated, unintegrated brain; calming techniques; what motivates good/healthy behaviors (compassion for self and others) and bad/unhealthy behaviors (little compassion for self and others); why discipline works with some students and not others; why external environments that reinforce “less than” and “separate from” perceptions create more anger and violence; male brains and some of the issues with emotional processing; and the emotional noise in a classroom and how adults contribute to that noise.

This book will pick up and add to the discussion by looking at:

  • How the limbic system “tells” emotions and stressors.
  • How the energy system of the body can be reset to lessen stress and calm students.
  • The development of adolescent brain.
  • How to develop the prefrontal cortex and build emotional muscle (resilience) in students.
  • How the hippocampus develops the stories of ourselves through coauthors and early childhood experiences that shape adult strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tools for adults who are stressed and have compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic stress.
  • How to work with angry, emotional parents and adults.

This book is for practitioners—not for psychologists. It is for individuals who work with children and adolescents and need a vocabulary and strategies for addressing emotional issues. Practitioners, unless they work in psychology or counseling, rarely get this information. My books on emotional poverty translate clinical research into understandings that can be used by practitioners. It is my hope that these books will give educators and other care providers the basic language for naming the emotional issues and provide strategies to address the behaviors.

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