Ruby Payne opened up the second URL Summit with a key note entitled Practical Steps Toward Equity and Achievement for All.  Some of her keypoints include –

Out of School Factor that Affect Learning Opportunities for Children:  (Berliner, 2009)

  • Low birth weight and non-genetic influences
  • Inadequate medical, dental, and vision care
  • Food insecurity
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Family relations and family stress
  • Neighborhood characteristics

How do these characteristics affect students in your school/classroom?

What can you, as a teacher, do to help students who have these out of school factors?

Another study showed that the math and reading scores of the other students in the classroom decreased when a student in the class was experiencing domestic violence.  This is most likely due to the teacher spending a disproportionate amount of time disciplining the child.  How have you seen this evident in your school/classroom?   What can you do as a teacher/administrator to help decrease the disruption to the entire classroom and facilitate learning?

Which of these out of school factors do you see the most in your school/classroom?

What techniques/strategies have you found effective in working with students who have these out of school factors?

Ruby discussed using metaphor stories when dealing with students who are have many of these out of school factors or who are having other discipline issues.  Have you ever used this strategy with your students?   Do you have any situations do you foresee using the strategy for in the future?

-Alecia Chapman