Kirven Tillis consultant headshot pictureaha! Process supports a consultant team that is diverse in experience and background. We work with the finest educational leaders around and want to share that with you through a new quarterly consultant spotlight. This first feature is our newest K–12 consultant: Kirven Tillis. Please take the time to find out more about him in this video.

Why aha Process?

I choose to work for aha! Process because I believe in the work and I know that it can be helpful for all stakeholders when they come to understand poverty and its effects on students in education.

My passion is working with teachers to help them understand their students. I know firsthand what doors a simple opportunity from a teacher can open. I am also passionate about helping students reach their full potential; we have to help them to never sell themselves short!

What is your favorite workshop?

My favorite workshop to present is “How the African-American Experience Affects the Classroom and Strategies for Success.” This workshop allows us to see that African-American boys are faced with challenges that can be overcome with strategic educational and emotional support from educators.

What do you do when you aren’t consulting?

“Kirven Time” consists of spending time with the family and socializing. Kirven Time is listening to music and/or DJing. I really enjoy downtime with family and friends laughing and talking. I love reading—it is a great escape! I don’t read as much fiction as I used to, but I really like stories of those who have overcome difficulty to become successful.

You can find me on social media! I am on Twitter and Instagram as @kirventillis

View Kirven’s official aha! Process biography.