Resources for Facilitating Getting Ahead Groups Online

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Getting Ahead Virtual Content for Getting Ahead Certified Facilitators

At the following link is a set of charts and graphs module by module, including fillable forms that may be submitted to the group facilitator if the investigator so chooses. Be sure to check back frequently for updates.

Latest version: September 18, 2020

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Getting Ahead Virtual How-To

Need ideas about how to conduct Getting Ahead virtually? Hear from three communities on how they did it!

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Getting Ahead Virtual Methodology

All investigators get a hard copy of Getting Ahead.

Protect the value of building relationships between group members and the value of learning from each other.

Investigators have the devices they need to participate fully.

Providers (facilitators and sponsors) have the technical capacity to provide Getting Ahead Virtual (including the ability to see Getting Ahead facilitators and vice versa), to have voice and chat capability, and to create “rooms” where small groups of investigators meet.

Getting Ahead Virtual providers participate in the Getting Ahead Virtual learning community to make the best use of innovations and enhance the learning experience. This is to include minimum standards for all sites.

Getting Ahead Virtual Content

The Getting Ahead Virtual content is to be made available virtually by the facilitators. Module-by-module identification of forms and charts should be made available for use by facilitators.

About the use of fillable forms by Formsite: By definition, these forms can be filled out by investigators and transmitted to the facilitators. As Getting Ahead is provided now, the Stability Self-Assessment and the Self-Assessment of Resources are collected by the sponsor using CharityTracker. Getting Ahead sites are encouraged to collect return-on-investment data and demographic data for CharityTracker, but this is not data collected in Getting Ahead itself.

The charts and graphs in the PowerPoint can be made available to facilitators to use while the group works its way through the workbook. By appearing on the screen, they can keep the group focused on the material they are reading and talking about.