How often do you attend a seminar or conference and find that you are looking for ways to not attend the next meeting? I have attended several sessions of the aha!/Ruby Payne’s professional development for teachers and have never had that feeling. Even after a long overnight flight, I was looking forward to attending the meeting.

Because of the way the conferences are scheduled, you do not want to miss one minute of the time. The information in each session can be used in both your personal and professional life. Each time I attend a training session I learn new information, new stories to tell, and have a list of books I need in my professional library. The information gained is extremely valuable. I would recommend these conferences to anyone interested in enlightening their abilities to create a better life. As an educator, I treasure the information these conferences provide. I highly recommended all of the aha! conferences and information.

By Shauna Zobel

Shauna Zobel is director at Touro University Nevada’s School of Education in Henderson, NV.