Wow, 2022 is here. As we welcome a new year, it always brings me hope; hope and resolve to face head on and solve the challenges of the day.

Once again in this new year we look forward to working side by side with your team to address the inequalities that occur because of economic diversity. We look forward to exploring strategies and solutions with you that work for your sector and your profession. Like you, we want economic growth, a more stable workforce, thriving families, and effective schools and organizations.

We continue to applaud your energy, resourcefulness, and perseverance during the unstable environments that continue with COVID, extreme weather, labor shortages, and all kinds of inequalities. We honor your contributions and know that so many people and communities have benefited from your innovative practices, your drive, and your resolve to be the best in your contribution to this huge puzzle.

In the 2022 catalog you’ll find fresh solutions and partners from all sectors sharing best practices:

  • NEW fifth edition of Bridges Out of Poverty
  • NEW Tactical Communication: Effective Interaction Tools for First Responders, third edition
  • NEW Getting Ahead While Getting Out: A Restoration Model for Returning Citizens, revised edition
  • NEW Emotional Poverty, Volume 2: Safer Students and Less-Stressed Teachers
  • NEW Getting Ahead ACEs and PACEs Supplement, including trauma science for healing
  • FREE download of the multimedia book Before You Quit Teaching at
  • EXPANDED OFFERINGS for LIVE online professional development at
  • NEW on-demand training options for those who want self-paced workshops
  • TWENTY-FIVE YEARS of experience and quality workshops, books, and consulting

Our solutions provide hope, resources, and a future story at the individual, institutional, community, and policy levels.