Ruby Payne, founder and CEO of aha! Process, wrote a four-part series of articles on poverty in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These articles are just as relevant today as they were then. Starting this month and running until August, aha! Process will highlight each of the four articles in the series as part of its weekly Tuesday blog posts.

In the second article, titled “Building Learning Structures Inside the Head,” Payne writes about the hidden rules of class and “four parts of [a] structure that must be inside [one’s] head before a learner” can learn. The four structures include: “a structure for data and a structure for discipline,” “cognitive strategies or processes,” “conceptual frameworks,” and “sorting mechanisms.”

If students do not have these strategies, they can be learned, says Payne. Each of the four strategies work synergistically for optimal learning, and the absence of even one strategy will negatively impact a learner.

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