Addressing the Challenges of Poverty national conference presentation spotlight

The barriers facing those returning from incarceration are like the barriers facing anyone in poverty, but their barriers are profoundly more difficult. This moderated panel discussion with Getting Out facilitators and graduates will explore the experience of those returning to the community from incarceration.

Check out this video from presenter Stanley Smith:

Topics will cover barriers and best practices, and the audience will be encouraged to consider how Bridges initiatives can expand and modify their work to support returning citizens.

Target audience: Bridges and Getting Ahead users interested in working with incarcerated individuals before and after release; those who work in corrections and the courts

Presenters: Stephen MacDonald, Bridges Out of Poverty coordinator, Lucas County Family and Children First Council, Toledo, Ohio; Stanley Smith, special project outreach specialist, Lucas County Family Council, Toledo, Ohio; Michelle Wood, coauthor, Getting Ahead While Getting Out, Marion, Ohio

Time/Location: Monday, September 24, Addressing the Challenges of Poverty national conference, Atlanta, Georgia