CarolBy Carol Steegman

Here it is, time for graduations: preschool, kindergarten, high school, college. Just as amazing and heartfelt have been the two Getting Ahead (GA) graduations I have attended in the past few weeks. As a GA grad myself, these graduations brought back all the emotions of accomplishment and self-worth that I had given up on in the past.

I have decided to challenge myself once again to write down goals and attain what I once thought was unattainable. Even though life still seems to have roadblocks, I am now more equipped to handle them and move forward.

stepsMy name is Carol Steegman, and I am a GA grad from Ohio. I completed Getting Ahead classes August 29, 2011. Since then I have co-facilitated other Getting Ahead groups; attended Bridges Out of Poverty training; participated in classes on becoming a board member; become a member of the leadership team, the GA advisory board, and the GA gardens; attended training in Oklahoma to become a Certified Bridges Trainer; and I now sit on the Hancock Saves board in Findlay, Ohio, where I am working with another GA grad to start a grad-to-grad mentoring project.

This blog is one of the next steps in this awesome journey. If you had told me six years ago what my life would look like now … I would have laughed!