david rockefellerThe New York Times has an article today about David Rockefeller, who died yesterday (March 20) at age 101.

What a remarkable life! He worked well into his 90s. He did not have to do so but became a tireless traveler, banker, and philanthropist. His grandfather, the original John D. Rockefeller Sr., insisted that all of his children work. Grandson David Rockefeller also got the message and started working young.

What will each of us do with our lives to make a difference for others? I always think that educators touch so many lives—in ways we often do not know and may never know. The lifetime “stone” that an educator throws into the water creates so many ripples that go far beyond what can be measured.

Will you work into your 90s? If so, what will you do? What is your calling for the time you have left?