The fourth annual Honoring Bridges Community Award committee is taking nominations! The selected site will be announced at the 2019 Addressing the Challenges of Poverty Conference. The selected community will receive $1,000 in free products from aha! Process and will be featured on the aha! Process website and in the newsletter.

With so many innovative ways of using the Bridges model throughout the country, there is no way we could select honorees without your input. Now is time for you to provide information on your initiative!

In no more than 500 words or three minutes of video, please use this page to outline the work of your Bridges steering committee and tell us what is happening with the different sectors. (You may submit a link if you have a video.) This is your chance to “toot your own horn” and show others what is happening in your community, so don’t hold back!

  • What are 2–3 things making your initiative come alive?
  • Are you making changes at the policy level?
  • Are you offering Getting Ahead classes?
  • How many have graduated from Getting Ahead, and what stories would you like to highlight?
  • What great things can you say about your facilitators and trainers?
  • Do you have trainers certified in all sectors where we offer training?
  • Other outcomes you would like to share?

Check out this video from previous winners:

The selected community will be recognized at the Tuesday morning session during the Addressing the Challenges of Poverty conference.

Please submit your entry no later than July 28, 2019.