For professional reading

Silently Seduced: When Parents Make Their Children Partners by Kenneth Adams looks at the emotional development of an individual who takes on a parenting role during childhood. The book identifies covert and overt sexual seductions that occur and the resulting emotional confusion for the child as they enter adulthood. The book was one of the most articulate I have read on the subject, and the author is able to name and accurately describe what is happening in the shadowy world of covert seduction.

For summer reading

If you like romantic suspense and you like jewelry (which I do), then you will find this series absolutely entertaining and enlightening. The Donovans series of romantic suspense novels by Ann Maxwell (writing as Elizabeth Lowell) is not new, but every four or five years I reread it and learn about jewelry again. The books involve four siblings. One book is about pearls, one is about rubies, one about jade, and one about amber. I learned so much about how these precious stones are mined, developed, cut, sold, and valued. The books take you to Australia and Asia (pearls), Russia (amber and rubies), and China (jade).