The R Rules – Revised Edition

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When students create their own stories, amazing things happen. They better their chances of personal and professional success by exploring current pictures, creating future pictures, and developing resources for both. This robust curriculum of project development and management, exchanges with the community, and individual academic and career plans gets students ready for leadership in the workplace and in life.

For more than seven years The R Rules has offered tools and processes to do just that. This revised edition expands the use of technology and online activities and includes learning objectives and assessment tools to verify grasp and application of material.

The R Rules is full of tools and activities to:

– Create and manage individual academic and career plans
– Analyze how individuals, institutions, and communities affect resources
– Recognize and use patterns to predict outcomes, problem solve, and plan
– Identify strategies and resources to build resilience
– Empower students to develop their voices as they contribute and work together to make a difference

Facilitators will discover that The R Rules:

– Can be aligned to state standards for life skills, career, and technical education courses
– Includes assessment tools to monitor results
– Supports components and objectives of the American School Counselors Association National Model
– Uses a facilitated learning process built on relationships of mutual respect
– Provides a bridge between classroom and community

Includes online access to comprehensive PowerPoint to present the course easily—and bonus video clips!

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