Removing the Mask: How to Identify and Develop Giftedness in Students from Poverty – Book

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Third edition includes new research and more!

Removing the Mask defines the difference between treating students equally and treating them equitably in gifted and talented (GT) programs.

This book challenges readers to reflect on the integrity of identification processes. Does “all students” really mean all students? In reality, most identification procedures have educators identifying opportunity rather than giftedness.

Instead of focusing on deficits, Removing the Mask gives attention to uncovering the assets of students living in poverty.

Nominated for a 2018 Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented Legacy Book Award

Key points and student scenarios provide practical opportunities to use the assessment forms included in the book. The Environmental Opportunities Profile (EOP), the Preponderance of Evidence Grid, and the Slocumb-Payne Teacher Perception Inventory: A Scale for Rating Superior Students from Diverse Backgrounds are tools that help create equity in identifying GT students.

This edition provides educators and administrators of gifted and talented programs with a practical and ethical approach to identification and services for all GT students, including those living in poverty.

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