Since we got started with the Bridge to Hope movement, which is the Bridges Out of Poverty initiative in Hot Springs, Arkansas, it has been a wild ride. We actually have been involved with the vulnerable population in our area for about 20 years now, so that part of it is not new to us. But what we’re doing now is a little bit new.

One of the things we learned through Bridges and Getting Ahead is that we have to look through our lens and be able to understand the other lens that we’re talking to. Whether that is working across a business into an individual’s life or vice versa. We were a social service organization looking into a business. And we wanted to find a win-win solution for both.

Oaklawn [a large employer in the area] loved what we were doing in Getting Ahead, they loved the new future stories that were coming out of our Getting Ahead groups, and they wanted to hire some of those individuals.

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