“You’re going to be afraid. I was afraid. We’re afraid of change. That’s naturally who we are. I just say, ‘Just do it, and go for it,’ and I tell everybody about Getting Ahead. Like, anybody that’ll listen. It’s changed my life,” says Alisa Aponte in the featured video. Aponte is a graduate of the MAMA Project, and her encouragements are echoed by Bonnie Bazata, program manager of Ending Poverty Now in Pima County, Arizona.

From the video description:

“Mothers in Arizona Moving Ahead (MAMA) is a project that assists young mothers and their children living in poverty. A life-changing curriculum and caring coaches allow moms to gain insights, build resources, and stabilize their lives to move ahead. The grant-funded program is a partnership between the Pima County Health Department and the Community Services, Employment and Training (CSET) Department as part of its Ending Poverty Now initiative.”