Parenting Someone Else's Child - Bookaha! Process has grown significantly since Ruby first invited me to publish my book, Parenting Someone Else’s Child, with her. The expansion of Ruby’s company has been exciting to observe. Since publishing my book through aha! Process, all of my children have matured and left home, and I am enjoying a growing family of in-law children and grandchildren. Diligently pursuing my “bucket list” is filling my retirement years. I have been researching and am pursuing my Ph.D. in psychology, along with traveling to visit children in several states.

The study I am doing for my dissertation is on adoption of children from the foster care system. It fits nicely with Ruby’s work, as foster children are usually from a life in poverty, and their adoptive parents may be from any other social class. This makes adoptions difficult. I am a member of several blogs wherein I offer support to adoptive and foster parents gained from both my experience and my research.

My husband and I have moved to Mississippi, which is a whole different culture from that of Michigan, and we are also adjusting to living in a city instead of on a farm. I teach psychology at the college level, and I hope to write another book after completing the Ph.D.