I find all the workshops and professional development offered by aha! Process to be helpful. When asked what my favorites are, I narrowed it down to three.

The best thing about Bridges Out of Poverty is the aha! moments that it inspires in every single person who takes part in the learning. No one is untouched by this paradigm shift in thinking. Bridges is a movement of action toward community well-being, and the endless possibilities that it brings never ceases to amaze me!

When it comes to poverty, there are so many conflicting programs. We are a poverty partner providing strategies and solutions to keep individuals, organizations, and communities stable for a lifetime. 

 The best thing about Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World is the magic that unfolds in the classroom. The relationships that are built, the future stories that are created, the goals that are set, and the empowerment that unfolds is truly one of a kind and like nothing I have ever seen in 30 years of human services.

Poverty is draining, and the barriers of poverty are all-encompassing. The Getting Ahead program provides tools, investigations, and supports to improve resources and stability for those living in poverty, and it helps create better lives for individuals and sustainability communities.

The best thing about Bridges to Health and Healthcare is that it shifts an organization out of the mindset of surviving and into endless possibilities of thriving, creating a different lens with which to view patients and providing creative healthcare solutions that actually work. No matter what the sector is, Bridges is a relational model that improves relationships, outcomes, collaborations, and systems.

Healthcare professionals are tired of noncompliance and readmissions. We guide healthcare professionals through the process of setting up successful communication and strategies to work more effectively with patients living in poverty. Be successful as professionals serving patients living in poverty while reducing costs and expenses. 

What are your favorite workshops offered by aha! Process?