The workshop includes a continuum of policy and practice critical to improving health among people living in poverty, addressing both individual patient care and population health.

Training Prerequisites: none

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Are you grappling with the challenge of patients making repeated visits to the emergency room?

Do you find yourself prescribing medication to individuals who, unfortunately, never follow through with their prescriptions?

What about those who never take the essential step of seeking primary care?

We understand these dilemmas all too well, and that’s why we are excited about our workshop—a solution designed to empower you with fresh insights into serving under-resourced patients. It’s no secret that health-related issues are disproportionately prevalent among those living in poverty, and these issues contribute to substantial costs for communities, states, and our nation. Our workshop serves as a catalyst for delving into the economic realities of poverty, ultimately elevating your healthcare initiatives.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • A holistic approach that not only enhances the health of individuals living in poverty but also addresses both individual patient care and population health
  • Evidence-based insights revealing the intricate connections between overall health and key determinants such as economic stability, education, affordable housing, and food security
  • A learning experience combining a variety of learning tasks, direct teaching, and captivating videos to enrich your learning journey

Our Bridges to Health and Healthcare workshop seamlessly aligns with the ever-growing body of research on health inequities, and it integrates seamlessly with the transformative concepts of Bridges Out of Poverty. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive overview of Bridges ideas and tools to expand your horizons.