I don’t have a crystal ball, but I am reading a fabulous book right now called Soonish by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith. My son, who is a biophysicist, purchased it for me. (He was hopeful that I might understand it!) It is written by two scientists/futurists. The book has cartoons and footnotes, many of which are funny. The book is written in a casual style with serious science and slang.

According to the Weinersmiths…

What are coming tech changes?

  1. Cheap access to space
  2. Asteroid mining
  3. Fusion power
  4. Programmable matter
  5. Robotic construction
  6. Augmented reality
  7. Synthetic biology
  8. Precision medicine
  9. Bioprinting
  10. Brain-computer interfaces

My favorites were bioprinting (why stop at seven margaritas when you can just print a new liver?) and brain-computer interfaces (because after four billion years of evolution, you still can’t remember where you put your keys!).

It will, as always, be a fascinating year.