aha! Process

aha! Process is a professional development company that works across all aspects of a community to address the root causes of poverty, support individuals as they build resources, and achieve a sustainable community where everyone can live well. Our Resource Builder Model incorporates workshops, books, training, products, and ongoing support to help communities combat the four causes of poverty: individual behaviors, community conditions, exploitation, and political/economic structures.

We have worked with thousands of schools, employers, hospitals, colleges, first responders, judges, and community organizations, providing concrete strategies and proven tools to help under-resourced individuals thrive. Only aha! Process takes a community-wide approach to supporting individuals, organizations, and systems to succeed through resource development. The Resource Builder Model meets the needs of institutions, professionals, and volunteers serving individuals across the community.

Each program leverages 15 years of experience and proven results, strengthened by the growing body of knowledge from communities benefiting from our model. aha! Process’s team of professional consultants delivers tools, training and ongoing support. These programs help institutions and communities understand people’s mindsets and engage with them to build success.
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