Possible? Have you joined the 232 million plus active users using Twitter to get their messages across? There are literally millions using this platform as a voice for expressing their interests, passions and desires.

Will you join with us in drawing attention to #inequality and #PovertyAwareness, #diversity, the #homeless, #lowincomefamilies, #lowwage employees, and our #poorest citizens. As you work and partner with @ahaprocess, we want our voices to be heard collectively, loud and clear that we are about #communitydevelopment, #impact, #socialgood and #povertyreduction.

The strategies we use in #ahaBridges and #ahaGettingAhead focus on stability, #CSR (corporate social development), #retention, #workforce, #hiddenrules, #healthreform, #healthcosts, #meaningfuluse and #patientengagement. Our work focuses on raising the resources of individuals living in daily instability and #poverty.

Make note that, right now, to use a hashtag with resources doesn’t reference our work correctly. And, the professionals would say that #dailyinstability is getting pretty long for a hashtag, but maybe we start using it anyway!

Come on, join us as we move forward on ways to improve and eliminate poverty issues within our communities. Joking and hashtags aside, we are making a difference, and we can continue to raise issues, concerns, and successes through Twitter.

Tweet to me now @RuthWeirich using any or all of the hashtags listed above to start our collective voices being heard.

Oh, so you need a motivator to get started? The first 100 to tweet using #ahaBridges in their posting, an appropriate post no less, will be registered to win a complimentary registration to our Addressing the Challenges of Poverty National Conference in Cincinnati, OH, October 4 – 6, 2015.