An updated edition of Dr. Paul D. Slocumb’s Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis explores familial, social, and media influences on an increasingly embattled population—boys.

The majority of mass killings in the United States are committed by men, and almost every mass shooting at a school has been committed by a boy. Boys constitute the vast majority of discipline referrals in schools, and they are more likely than girls to be recommended for special education classes.

While the women’s movement has made great strides for women and girls in America, our nation’s boys lag in nearly every measure, from low college enrollment to the exploding prison population. The crisis is so great we’ve seen it erupt in violence across the country. Now more than ever, we need to redefine concepts like “manliness” and “strength” to help our boys grow into caring, civil men who can be role models for their own boys.

Before Dr. Slocumb, author of Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis, died in 2010, he passed the mantle to Jim Littlejohn, now the primary presenter of workshops based on the book for training and publishing firm aha! Process. Littlejohn was the perfect candidate to update and expand upon Dr. Slocumb’s work, having tailored the material for a wide variety of school populations and other organizations in his presentations. As a friend of Slocumb’s, Littlejohn ensured the revised edition retains the spirit and voice of its originator; in a few chapters where updates weren’t needed, Slocumb’s original text remains.

With an eye to social media use/abuse and the culture of video gaming, the revised and retitled Boys in Crisis plants itself firmly in the 21st century to address cyberbullying and boys who seem chained to their consoles. Current statistics on social media use, wireless Internet access, and prison demographics illustrate contributors to and results of the crisis. Strategies for engaging boys—and their technology—are just some of the updates readers will find helpful.

We live in a high definition world, and Boys in Crisis renders Slocumb’s approach in 16:9, well suited to the changing needs and pressures of boys in the modern age.

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