Ruby Payne, founder and CEO of aha! Process, wrote a four-part series of articles on poverty in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These articles are just as relevant today as they were then. aha! Process is highlighting each of the four articles in the series as part of its weekly Tuesday blog posts.

In the third article, titled “Working with Students from Poverty: Discipline,” Payne writes about how discipline is often a missing ingredient in the lives of students from poverty. She goes on to say that the elements of structure, choice, and consequences are important for students from poverty who are in an educational setting.

Payne also writes about the three voices—parent voice, child voice, and adult voice—and that the adult voice tends to be the most effective in working with students from poverty backgrounds.

“The purpose of discipline should be to promote successful behaviors at school,” writes Payne. “Teaching students to use the adult voice, i.e., the language of negotiation, is important for their success in and out of school and can become an alternative to physical aggression.”

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