Boys in Crisis: Why It Matters and What You Can Do About It

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With an eye to social media use/abuse and the culture of video gaming, the revised and retitled Boys in Crisis plants itself firmly in the 21st century to address cyberbullying and boys who seem chained to their consoles. Current statistics on social media use, wireless Internet access, and prison demographics illustrate contributors to and results of the crisis. Strategies for engaging boys—and their technology—are just some of the updates readers will find helpful.

Dr. Paul Slocumb paints a riveting portrait of the emotional abyss that engulfs many of our male children. Particularly powerful are the book’s six real-life case studies and the creative solutions Slocumb describes.

We live in a high definition world, and Boys in Crisis renders Slocumb’s approach in 16:9, well suited to the changing needs and pressures of boys in the modern age.


“Having witnessed newfound freedom for girls and women during the past two decades, researchers and educators are now turning their attention to the lack of simultaneous growth and autonomy among boys and men. Dr. Paul Slocumb has made this real-time crisis his focus, turning his insight on boys and their pain. He does not shy away from providing real-life answers to complex dilemmas, sharing understandable and teachable objectives.”

—Janel Miller, Ph.D., Psychologist


“I am honored to recommend this heartfelt book.”

—Michael Gurian, Author of The Wonder of Boys


“A must-read for teenage boys and adult males—and for people who work with and care about boys and men. Particularly powerful are the book’s six true case studies. My own work with bullies and those who are bullied confirms the truth of what Dr. Slocumb is saying … namely that U.S. parents and educators have much work to do helping boys grow into men who can act with integrity, civility, and compassion.”

—Barbara Coloroso, Author of The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander


“Dr. Slocumb creates a riveting portrait of the emotional abyss that engulfs many of our male children.”

—Jeanne H. Purcell, Ph.D., Consultant, Connecticut State Department of Education


“Paul Slocumb synthesizes sound methodology to convey the often neglected emotional voice of males in crisis. The current status of males in prison reflects their staggering isolation and spiritual longings. The need for better communication tools for males—young and adult, urban and suburban—is clear. A must-read for men who seek true freedom from themselves.”

—Michael Brandon Doubek, Ed.D., Consultant, National Urban Alliance for Effective Education


“Relevant and timeless! Teachers can apply this material directly to their own personal lives and the classroom by not only understanding boys better, but by modeling appropriate behavior in order to help make boys successful socially, emotionally, and academically. You now have a bigger tool box!”

—Mark V. Hughes, Ed.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Texas A&M – Corpus Christi


“As a young educator, I hear the cries of many young students in crisis on a daily basis. Boys in Crisis is a literary voice for our youth that echoes in my heart every time I step into the classroom.”

—Joseph Villarreal, Teacher/Coach, Richard King High School, Texas, and Former Student of Dr. Mark V. Hughes


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