A Framework for Understanding Poverty Workbook: 10 Actions to Educate Students (Revised)


ISBN: 978-1-938248-77-1


From Understanding … to Action. A supplemental workbook for our Framework Workshop.

A Framework for Understanding Poverty has served hundreds of thousands of educators and facilitators who work with children and adults from poverty. Their efforts have led to many positive changes, including increasing human capital, resources, and achievement. But sometimes there’s a gap between understanding key concepts and “What do I do now?”or “What’s the next step?”

Dr. Payne has updated and revised the workbook for A Framework for Understanding Poverty to address the need for specific action steps. Here now are not only the key understandings and the cognitive and mental models so crucial to addressing challenges faced by students from poverty, but also exercises, charts, and specific“Do this next” lists for putting knowledge into action.

The ten action steps covered in detail in this workbook include: 

– Build relationships of mutual respect 
– Teach students the hidden rules of school 
– Analyze student resources; make interventions based on resources that students can access 
– Teach formal register, the language of school and work 
– Teach mental models 
– Teach abstract processes 
– Teach students how to plan
– Use the adult voice and reframing to change behaviors 
– Understand the family resources and dynamics 
– Teach how to ask questions

Of course, the effectiveness of these action steps is not limited to students from poverty. Giving educators tools to address the impact of socioeconomic class broadens and deepens their success with all students. Yet Dr. Payne’s focus on under-resourced learners—along with the teaching tools, relationship building, and cognitive development so crucial to their success—remains at the core of helping you better serve all your students.

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