In the first 145 days, 43% of graduates reduced reliance on benefits!

A growing number of Getting Ahead (GA) sites are using CharityTracker to celebrate the changes made by GA grads. Getting Ahead sites from 10 states reported on a total of 623 graduates.

To arrive at a financial return on investment, GA grads must stabilize their lives in order to build resources. The financial return comes later. This is hard work on the part of GA grads and the communities that support them. Congratulations to you all!

Some things we are learning about the journey out of poverty:

  1. About stability: The things a person has direct control over—like one’s time horizon, stress management, and social connections—are generally the first to grow. The less control, the more time it takes to see a change.
  2. About resources: Direct control is the key there too. The use of language, social capital, motivation, relationships, and the use of hidden rules will generally change more quickly than the others.

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