This workshop details strategies for identifying and serving gifted students from the environment of poverty.

Training Prerequisites: none

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School districts struggle to identify giftedness in students from poverty.

Do the demographics of your gifted and talented program accurately reflect the demographics of your campus? If not, this book provides solid research and adaptable tools to evaluate all students fairly for G/T identification.

Once identified, does your district provide social, emotional, and academic support so that students from impoverished backgrounds are successful in a G/T program? Flexible program options are recommended so that students’ needs are served appropriately through gifted and talented program services.

The third edition of Removing the Mask is a change agent for teachers and administrators of gifted and talented programs.

  • Provides an overview of the resources children from poverty may or may not have, which impacts their behavior and performance in the classroom.
  • Details a complete process for finding gifted students from poverty.
  • Highlights strategies to retain students and foster success in gifted programs.
  • Recommends effective behavioral interventions for gifted children.
  • Shares program and curriculum models that address the cognitive, social, and emotional needs of gifted students from poverty.
  • Targets K–12.