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Students who have experienced various levels of trauma often don’t have the skills to self-regulate in the everyday classroom setting. Through this proactive approach, we have found a way to help students. Our presentation will focus on a program we have started in our K–5 building called the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon helps students recognize the way their bodies feel when they start to feel dis-regulated, and it helps them explore and find strategies that help keep them regulated. We will talk other professionals through our process and how we collect data to ensure the program is working. Much of our process is based on Ruby Payne’s work with the concept of emotional poverty, and we will make those connections throughout the presentation.

Learning objectives include:

  • Identifying discipline strategies that are beneficial for children
  • Learning about strategies that teach students how to self-regulate
  • Knowing how to create strategies for improving achievement when students are self-regulated

Tara Willig


Delshire Elementary School (Oak Hills School District)

Katie Klus

School Counselor

Delshire Elementary School (Oak Hills School District)

—Cincinnati, Ohio